About RedCat Multiverse by RCM Labs

RCM Labs is an innovative and trailblazing community-first Web3 company creating a dynamic and highly-engaging LIVE blockchain game called RedCat Multiverse, built on a Play>>Learn>>Earn (PLE) model. While players interact with elements of the RedCat Multiverse, they will build in-demand power skills like communication, critical thinking, collaboration, negotiation and leadership and beyond.

We are building a community that is inviting and empowering. These individuals are our RCM Insiders and serve a crucial role in continuing to expand the possibilities within the RedCat Multiverse.

RCM Labs is led by a standout team of MIT and Stanford alums, along with a League of Legends alum, and encourages positive community leadership through user-generated content. Inception NFT Collection is dropping soon!

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