We are excited to announce RCM's fourth genre to RCM's greater community! Today, you will hear about RCM's TCG from our Creative Director.
Malia, Wells, Plik Plik and more ...
The Inception Carnival has just started!
Join the Inception Early Adopters at the Inception Carnival minting TOMORROW to explore the abundance of the RedCat Multiverse!

December 2022

RCM Labs has selected the second Genius to be incorporated into the RedCat Multiverse blockchain gaming platform.
"I have done the impossible!” he yelled with pride. He up-righted the giant phone he’d been carrying over his head and showed them an image of an…
"The network streams have been a little funny lately. I keep seeing 010610 and 1111 repeated in odd places, along with the date December 19th.”
I’ve got 8888 nametags and pens and welcome packets for everyone!” she said.
"Subscribers in dimension ICN-1610… 10, watch… WATCH out… out… for fractal ra-ra-rain tonight,” said the Undying.

November 2022

The red cat regarded him coolly before saying to the students, β€œThis will be a lesson all its own.”
Malia is an adventurer and she is onto discovering about the code which seems like it was just a card with mark 1-6-10!! πŸ—ΊοΈπŸ“
β€œI need somewhere to lay low, Hayden. This thing is too high profile,” That's what Red Cat Multiverse is all about!! Inception NFT whitelising is open…